What are the differences between Kobe and Yokohama?

Our guests from often ask the question.

“What are the differences between Kobe and Yokohama?”

I’m going to answer this question.

  • Some differences
  • Yokohama > Kobe
  • Kobe > Yokohama  citation

・Differences between Kobe and Yokohama

I used live in Yokohama and Kobe.

I also think that they are similar to each other.

Port cities have a park, China Town, fashion streets and old buildings in other countries.

Moreover, their night views are incredible.

They have many similar points. On the other hand,

Sightseeing place in Yokohama is bigger than one in Kobe.

Kobe has a lot of sightseeing spots such as Mt. Rokko, Arima Onsen and Kobe airport.

These are the differences they have.

Yokohama > Kobe

The size of China Town  citation

As I stated, China Town in Yokohama is bigger than on in Kobe “Nankinmachi”.

You must be surprised at its scale.

Skyscraper (Minato Mirai) citation

There are many skyscrapers, a land mark tower at the center.

Yokohama city is bigger than Kobe city as it is next to a capital city, Tokyo.

Kobe > Yokohama

Mt. Rokko ・Arima Onsen citation  citation

Kobe is surrounded by mountains, Mt. Rokko and Mt. Maya, and it has a famous Onsen.

They are both in Kobe.

Therefore, you can enjoy night views from the top of mountain or some relax spots like a farm and Onsen even you are in a city.

Kobe Airport  引用

Yokohama doesn’t have an airport. Only Haneda airport(Tokyo). On the other hand, Kobe has a domestic airport, so it is easy to come to Kobe.

They have more small differences, but main differences are what I wrote on this blog.

Sightseeing in Kobe is much easier than Yokohama.

I’m glad if you are interested in Kobe

after reading my blog.

You can get more details at Kobe Nadeshikoya!!!

What are the differences between Kobe and Yokohama? by youtube

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