【Motomachi town in Kobe】〜Secret and Old Coffee Shops 〜

Hi! This is Ryota.

In Kobe Motomachi, there are a lot of retlo coffee shops in relaxing atmosphere!

Today, I will introduce about the 3 secret coffee shops which I really recommend!

Motomachi Santosu 元町サントス 引用

Every people who live in this Motomachi town might know this coffee shop.

About Motomachi Santosu, I introduced that in previous blog so please also check this one!

神戸元町 Breakfast 〜朝食〜

Poem ポエム 引用

3 minute walking from Hanshin Motomachi station. The coffee shop quietly standing at the back street of Motomachi shopping street.

Personally, I often use this cafe, this place makes me so relaxable. 引用

In this cafe, there are a lot of comics! Here is the great place for book lovers! 引用

This is a drink menu, here is a large selection of items! 引用

Also, this is a food menu. 引用

Of course, here have a morning menu. Cheese toast and pizza toast are my strong recommendation!

When you want to read books and be relax, here is a great place.


Opening Hours:[Thuesday ~Fryday] 9:00〜21:00(Last order 20:30) 
     [Saturday・Sunday] 8:00〜21:00

Public Holiday:(Depends on a day)

Torebon 舌れ梵(とれぼん)舌れ梵 引用

Many beautiful flower and foliage plant is like your’re in the world of “Ziburi”.

I visited here for the first time in the other day.舌れ梵 引用 引用

Also, plants display in everywhere inside. You can shower with negative ions.

Bar managers were friendly so they gave me a variety of story.

Almost all flowers and plants in the cafe received from their customers.

Surprisingly, this cafe established 45 years ago! Obviously, this is one of the Kobe – famous coffees shop . . . 引用

Price is also reasonable price. That price never changed since this coffee shop was opened.

My recommendation are Torebon coffee and honey toast.

When I taste the coffee, I realize this price is really inexpensive.

You can definitely heal here by flower and plants.

Torebon 舌れ梵 

Opening hour:8:00~18:00(Public holiday are opening from 9 am.)

Closed day:Nothing(Except new years holidays and Obon holidays)

How was that?

『I like fashionate caffe but also retro coffee shop is sounds great!』

If you so, and if you have opportunity to stay in Kobe, how about to visit these retoro cafes in the next morning or daytimes?

Of course, you can stay at guesthouse Kobe Nadeshikoya. Here is a great place to stay because you can go these cafes by walk within 5 minutes.

We really looking forward to see you our guesthouse, you can book from under the botton !!


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