Kobe guest house Nadeshiko-ya

1-2-21, Sakaemachidori, Kobe Shi Chuo Ku, Hyogo Ken, 650-0023, Japan


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Here is the ship named “guesthouse”.
Many people who have many backgrounds visit us from all over the world and spend the time together. At this guesthouse, you may be able to find a new world or create new ideas through communications with others.

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You can join our various events which makes you more enjoy staying in Kobe

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Clean, fashionable and comfortable guesthouse

Guesthouse Kobe Nadeshikoya was designed for women by a female owner. Cleanness is highly evaluated by our guests. We have women only dormitories, shower rooms and toilets.


Reasonable prices

HP is the best way to book this guesthouse!! Save 10% by booking a room via our HP. This is the only guesthouse in Nankinmachi, Kobe China Town so please check the reservation soon as you see!!!!

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Nadeshiko crews

Unique crews welcome you in Kobe. We are sure that you can make great memories.

Nadeshiko crews

Access To the guesthouse....

・5 mins walk from JR “Motomachi station”
・7 mins walk from subway “Kenchomae station”
・5 mins walk from Hanshin “Motomachi station”
・10 mins walk from Hankyu “Kobe Sannomiya station”
・2 mins walk from subway Kaigan line “Kyoryuchi・Daimarumae station”


Kobe Motomachi

Kobe opened its port 150 years ago. It has connected Japan with the world through bringing in various cultures and spreading them. In such an international city, we recommend you Motomachi, where the guesthouse is, to feel Kobe.
In Motomachi, there are many sightseeing spots such as Kobe China Town and Kyukyoryuchi, a former residence. It also has a shopping street, an unique restaurant street and Sakaemachi street where there are many fashionable shops. In Kobe, you can feel not only Japanese culture but also cultures in other countries.