Secret Place in Kobe ~Favorite and Quite Spot ~

There are a lot of sightseeing spots in Kobe.

However, these kinds of sightseeing place are always crowded.

「I really like to travel and visit a tourist spots, but I don’t care for care for crowed spot . . . 」

We really understand your mind.

Therefore, we will introduce the great spots where is not crowded throughout the year.

Around the Outskirts of HAT Kobe 引用 引用

One station from Sannomiya Station by train

One of the favorite place in Kobe is “Harborland” where is the shopping mall of Umie and beautiful mosaic art

And Harborland is in west side from center of Sannomiya Station and on the east side, “HAT Kobe” exists.

Also, these area have variety of facility such as theater and large electronics store.

In spite of the convenience, there are not crowded and you can relax in walk.

The favorite spots around HAT Kobe are below in this page.

Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art  引用 引用

This beautiful museum designed by one of the greatest architect in Japan, Tadao Ando.

Here is the most largest scale in Hyogo prefecture and currently, Van Gogh Exhibition held and events and workshops held in regularly.

【Opening Hours】 10:00~18:00(Admission allowed until 17 : 30)※These schedule might be changed because the day of event.

【Closing Day】Monday(If the public holiday and Monday are in same date, next day is closed. ) And New Years Holidays

【Admission Fee】Depends on the contents

Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution 引用

This facilitate made in order to disaster reduction and prevention all over the world after The Great Hanshin – Awaji Earthquake happen in 25 years ago.

Here, you can see the image how was the Great Hanshin – Awaji Earthquake happened. Also, you can experience the situation of shaking in that earthquake, learning the correct action when the earthquake happen and disaster prevention. 引用

We also recommend to visit at night because this building decorated by beautiful light during night like above the picture. This building attracts people by a variety of color light.

【Opening hour】9:30~17:30(Admission allowed by 16:30.)※This schedule will be changing by season.

【Closing Day】Monday ( If the public holiday and Monday are in same date, next day is closed. ) And New Years Holidays

【Admission fee】Adults : 600 yen University student : 450 yen  Under the junior high school student : free

Nagisa Park

This park expand along the sea side in HAT Kobe is a place for relaxation for public.

In personally, this is one of the favorite place because this park is quiet and I can relax here.

This park equipped the court so you can enjoy basketball here.

Also, night is the great place to visit.

Public bathhouse “HAT Nagisa” 引用 引用

After walking around the Kobe, this hot spring heal your tired body. This exists in west side from Nagisa park.

This good quality of hot spring spring out from 752 meter underground in nature.

Here, you can heal by a variety of hot spring, sauna and bedrock bath.

【Opening time】 10:00~25:00(Admission allowed by 24:00)Open all year round

【Fee】 Weekday Adult : 820 yen / Elementary School student : 400 yen
    Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays Adult : 920 yen / Elementary School student : 400 yen

Here is a special spot where you can do hiking and enjoying the beautiful night view in Kobe town

Venus Bridge 引用

If you want to enjoy the night view in Kobe easily, here is the great place.

It’s takes about 25 minutes by walking from Sannomiya station.

Here is the great spot at night where you can go by walking. You can enjoy the night view from small hill. 引用

By watching panorama is like above picture. This is a impressive view, isn’t it?

Fashionable Italian restaurant is in the next to the Venus Bridge Park so if you interested in that, I recommend to visit also there.

Of course, there have a parking lot so you can go there by car.

How was that place?

Would you like to trip and visit the special spot that not crowded under a situation like today?

「Sounds great! , but where shoud I stay?」

If you thinking about that,

Staff are waiting you at guesthouse “Kobe – Nadeshikoya”.

You can stay in relax and this guesthouse is near by every sightseeing spot in this page!


New special spot made in Nankin town in Kobe! Beer bar at the top of deck,「THE DECK」.

If you want to drink beer in secret space, here is the great place♪


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