Places with Special Energy in Kobe【Latest Edition in 2020】

In Kobe, there are a variety of sightseeing spots. Since you are in Kobe for sightseeing, might as well visit a spiritual place, that is also fun!

This time, I will introduce three spots selected carefully which included two shrine in Kobe and a place with nature!

The Ikuta Shrine 生田神社 “引用

It’s takes within 5 minute by walking from the center of Kobe, Sannomiya Station.

A representative place with special energy “Ikuta Shrine”.

This shrine have a long history, that built over 1800 years ago! 引用

Shrine’s area is in the center of Sannomiya Station which is a social hub of Kobe.

Here is a popular place for praying fulfillment of your relationship, matchmaking and easy and safe for delivery of child of god.

My recommendation what you do here is drawing water fortune slip. It costs 300 yen for once. 引用 引用

When you soak a fortune flip for a lake, letters emerge!

It’s good to keep as memory, also tie up this in the place where you can tie up that and leave behind that.

It’s a popular shrine so that’s so crowded in the first shrine of the year. So I recommend to avoid rush time and visit in not crowded day, like weekday.

I highly recommend you to go to there.

Ikuta Shrine 生田神社

【Opening hour】7:00〜17:00

【Closing day】Nothing

Kitano Tenman Shrine 北野天満神社 引用

This shrine exists in Kitano, which is a popular place to visit the Ijinkan (Westen old houses). By comparing Ikuta shrine, this shrine is much more small, however, it’s an ancient shrine, built by Taira no- Kiyomori who was military leader in the Heian period and that dates back more than 800 years ago.

This shrine brings back your luck for romantic relation, academic achievement, get rid of your bad luck and public entertainer. 引用

It is in the after when you go up the stairs from Kitano slope, you can see the whole of the town of Kobe.

This is also known as Shrine in the Air”. 引用

Also, you can try and draw the water fortune slip.

By the way, here is also a location where we shooted promotional video of “guest house Kobe Nadeshikoya” which we run.

On your way when you visit the Kitano Ijinkan, I recommend going sightseeing here.

Kitano Tenman Shrine 北野天満神社

【Opening Hour】7:30〜17:00

【Closing Day】Nothing

Nunobiki Falls布引の滝/ 引用

This beautiful waterfall choose the best 100 waterfalls in Japan.

This place which you can feel plenty of negative ions in, surprisingly only takes 15 minute by walk from Shin – Kobe Station!

I think Kobe is the only place you can visit waterfalls by walking through the right behind of the bullet train station.

Nunobiki Falls have several waterfalls and the well known waterfalls are “Male Waterfall” in above picture and “Femel Waterfall” in under picture.

Male waterfalls exist ahead of Female waterfall and you can walk on pathways so you can visit these waterfalls by walking. 引用

Female Falles (In Japanese pronounce, “Mentaki”). It’s 19 meter long. 36965529499328512/photo/1 引用

When the maples start turning red, the view changes completely. This vivid landscape makes you enchanted.  

Male Waterfall (In Japanese pronounce, “Ontaki”). It’s 43 meter long.

Power of nature doesn’t match anything, right? I recommend swinging by here when you arrive at Shin – Kobe Station or when you go home from Shin – Kobe Station!  

Kitano – Ijinkan is also nearby these waterfalls so I also recommend visiting there after sightseeing in the Kitano area.  

Nunobiki Falls

10 to 15 minute walking by Sin – Kobe Station.

How was that?

There are more places with special energy in Kobe but if you have these three spots, you absolutely can feel being empowered.   

“I really want to visit Kobe, but where should I stay?” In those cases, you should stay at guest house Kobe – Nadeshikoya, we are looking forward to seeing you there!   

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